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Why do programmers (IT) need English?

English is essential for programmers in the field of information technology (IT) for several reasons:

1. Documentation and Resources: The majority of programming documentation, manuals, and resources are available in English. Knowing English allows programmers to easily read and understand this information, learn new technologies, and apply them to their work.

2. Participation in the Developer Community: English is the international language of programming. It is used in numerous forums, blogs, chat rooms, and other resources where developers communicate, share knowledge, and help each other. Knowing English enables programmers to actively participate in this community and gain valuable insights and experiences from developers worldwide.

3. Working in International Companies: English language proficiency opens doors for employment opportunities in international IT companies. Many large IT corporations have a global presence and development teams from different countries. English becomes the common means of communication in such companies, and being able to effectively communicate in English is an important requirement for employment.

4. Reading and Understanding Research: If you are interested in the academic or research aspects of computer science, knowledge of English is highly beneficial. Most research papers, conferences, and academic materials are published in English, and without English reading and comprehension skills, you may limit your access to the latest advancements and innovations in your field.

5. Collaboration with Clients and Stakeholders: If you work as a freelancer or on client-based projects, English language proficiency can be crucial for communicating with clients and stakeholders. Many clients from different countries prefer to communicate in English, and the ability to effectively communicate can help establish efficient collaboration and meet client requirements.

In summary, English language proficiency provides programmers with more opportunities for growth, development, and success in the IT field. It allows them to access a broader range of information, interact with other developers worldwide, and effectively work in an international environment.